7.5 features and improvements I’d like to see in AirPods 2!

I ruined an AirPod last night. The right pod slipped from my hand and dropped out of the trotro I was sitting in. As expected, at least one car drove over it. So yeah, that’s the end of my it. $159, gone, just because I refused to order an Uber Continue Reading

Tesla is synonymous with cars but the end game goes beyond that

There was an interesting conversation on Twitter about Tesla’s fate when the inevitable happens i.e. the giant car makers finally catch up. Does Tesla survive or it will remain the Apple of electric cars? Does it win in the US and lose out in Asia and Europe? Well, in theory, Continue Reading

Is the smart speaker market Apple’s toughest challenge in the last decade?

The day was Saturday, September 9th, 2014. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, on stage at Apple’s annual product launch event, unveiled “the next chapter in Apple’s story” and the most functional smartwatch yet, the Apple Watch. After a typically sexy intro video, the crowd cheered for longer than it should’ve, but Continue Reading

How Google Docs almost made life easier for me in college

My first experience with Google Docs was in 2016 when I “worked” for 2 weeks at the African Leadership University (ALU) in Mauritius. I was required to write in Google Docs and design presentations in Google Slides with a team. The experience of 2+ people working remotely AND simultaneously on Continue Reading

J Cole wants to allocate tax money with an app

To the reader: This isn’t an opinion piece. This is an open-ended article to solicit your opinions on the matter. I’ll share mine, then you share yours. In the second verse of J Cole’s “BRACKETS” off his latest album “KOD“, he says: “Damn, do I even have a say ’bout Continue Reading

Why Spotify isn’t available in Ghana

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service if we’re not counting YouTube, but it’s not exactly regionally ubiqitous like Apple Music is. Chances are you’ve seen a Spotify link on your Twitter timeline and wondered why the service is not (easily) accessible in Ghana. I’m currently listening to the Continue Reading

Top 5 tech products & announcements in 2016

Prior to this year, my thoughts on 2016 in tech were somewhat skeptical because 2015 looked like the year innovation tapped the brakes a little bit. We heard all the VR and AI research announcements and it was the year music streaming was finally etched in solid stone but that Continue Reading