Experience Amazon Go, a store without checkout lines

Whoever thought we’ll be “Go”ing places in 2016? It started with ‘Pokemon Go’, a location-based augmented reality game that dominated the news for weeks. Now, Amazon launched a new line of stores named Amazon Go. Admittedly these are two different ideas but the fact that they both want us to Continue Reading

Android 7.1.1 Nougat factory images are finally live!

Google launched Android 7.0 on August 22nd this year after the first Android N developer preview came on March 9th, two full months earlier than expected. Android Nougat delivered split screen mode, fast switching of recent apps, seamless updates, and the rest. Fast forward to October 20th, Google comes with Continue Reading

Get smarter everyday with Daily Curiosity

Did you know Norway is home to a town with a one-letter name: Å? If you are interested in fun facts like this and more, then look no further than Daily Curiosity. Daily Curiosity presents five interesting topics and content that could add to your warehouse of junk knowledge daily. Continue Reading

WhatsApp’s new beta features iOS 10 emoji, group mentions and GIF support

2016 has been a pretty good year for WhatsApp users. We saw a ton of pleasant changes being implemented in the app. This wave of updates anticlimactically ended with WhatsApp updating its terms and conditions to allow for information sharing with Facebook. Now there’s a second wave of updates which Continue Reading

You will soon be able to send and receive documents on WhatsApp

You could create the App of the Year today and the next moment no one knew your app existed. This phenomenon has inspired creativity in many app developers and features that we didn’t know we needed have been baked into apps. Apps like Link Bubble have been completely rewritten and Continue Reading

All the 2016 tech April Fool jokes in one post

The internet has really gotten serious about April Fools—it’s hard to even remember what this day was like before some of the world’s largest companies started playing tricks on you via your browser. April Fools is sometimes amusing, but also frequently annoying because you can’t trust anything you see, and those joke Continue Reading

Introducing WhatsApp’s desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X

About a year ago, WhatsApp web debuted. WhatsApp web allowed users connect their web browsers to WhatsApp, allowing them to send and receive messages on their computers while their phones (albeit connected to the internet as well) are in their pockets. Yesterday, the company announced a desktop app which is Continue Reading

Have we called a truce already? Is Android vs iOS still on?

The year was 2010. I recall a few of my friends had the iPhone 3GS. It had a huge screen, an ‘all-touch’ display and could take some pretty good photos. In addition, you could install apps! I loved that phone and constantly dreamt about owning one. In 2011, I was Continue Reading

WhatsApp video calls is coming

With the wars on video messaging raging on, Google Duo become available worldwide some days ago. Facebook Live also appears to have rolled out to everybody now. It appears video calls on WhatsApp should be rolling out in some few days as this feature started showing in the Android beta Continue Reading

Facebook introduces another way of sharing your fabulous life online

  Facebook Live launched last year for public figures and celebrities who use the Facebook Mentions app. Shortly after, it was made available to Facebook Pages and now, any and everyone using the iOS and Android apps can go live on Facebook! If you have ever wanted to show the Continue Reading

Google is granting exclusive access to its offices to students!

All right, quick checklist: Graduating in 2017 from a university in Europe, the Middle East or Africa? Planning to pursue a career as a software engineer? Interested in learning what opportunities are available for you at Google? Ever wanted to visit a Google office and hear directly from Google engineers Continue Reading

Meet Google Duo – A Video Chatting App That Lets You See The Caller’s Video Even Before Answering

When Google Duo, a video chat app was announced earlier this year at the Google I/O, I muttered to myself that the world does not need another video calling platform especially given the fact that Google Hangouts allows for video calls. After a long wait, the app has finally been Continue Reading