Everything about Facebook v Cambridge Analytica in 2 minutes

Over the last few days, unless you are hiding under a rock, you must have heard or seen the #deleteFacebook movement and articles on something called the Cambridge Analytica scandal. You are probably wondering how this affects you, the average Kofi, who just wants to post a few jokes and Continue Reading

Noise cancelling headphones are more than just good sound

Have you ever had to adjust the volume of the music you’re listening to all the way up when you step out of your room, because all of a sudden, you couldn’t hear your music above the noise outside? I too go through this every morning as I walk around Continue Reading

Editor’s Comments: Weekend Poll 3

In our last poll, we decided to “go for your money”, not in its literal sense but the money on your virtual money wallets popularly nicknamed “Mobile Money”. So check out the questions that trended below and the interesting responses that came up. Enjoy Q1 Do you have a mobile Continue Reading

Why Spotify isn’t available in Ghana

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service if we’re not counting YouTube, but it’s not exactly regionally ubiqitous like Apple Music is. Chances are you’ve seen a Spotify link on your Twitter timeline and wondered why the service is not (easily) accessible in Ghana. I’m currently listening to the Continue Reading

Editor’s Comments: Weekend Poll 2

The second edition of the Afdtechtalk weekend polls came on as planned over the weekend. As usual, we received some interesting feedback. Let’s get to it: Question 1 When you visit a restaurant, do you start searching for WiFi? — Afdtechtalk (@afdtechtalk) March 3, 2018 61% answered “No” to this Continue Reading

A Laptop and a Dream: Tech Entrepreneurship in Ghana

Let’s go back in time to the early 2000s. Place: Ghana, destination: Ghana’s technology revival. In the early 2000s, Ghana was projected to be “The Silicon Valley of West Africa”. An English-speaking country with dependable electricity, relatively good internet, a thriving democracy and an ever-ready pool of cheap labor, Ghana Continue Reading

SELEWA: The Ghanaian Cashless Market Initiative

Technology, like the wind that infiltrates every tiny bit of space, has not ignored the Ghanaian business and commerce sector. Most Ghanaians, (if not all) in the major cities of the country are well aware of the popular mobile money means of receiving and making payments which is growing in Continue Reading