Project your Android Screen to your Windows 10 PC

There have been times you would want to show your Phone’s display on a larger screen; either to show some pictures/videos or to enjoy some games from your phone with a connected gamepad. Basically, you will need a casting device connected to your TV/projector or a smart TV which has Continue Reading

What is causing your smartphone to overheat?

Several smartphone users are plagued with suddenly overheating devices, so hot that it could actually burn your skin, followed by a fast depleting battery. Whenever this happens it indicates that there is a problem with your device being a hardware and/or software issue. An overheated smartphone becomes erratic and typically Continue Reading

Android O-my-God what have you done to the emoji?!

Yesterday, Google held its annual developer conference in San Francisco, California to showcase technical in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open sources. Before you wonder why I’ve dedicated an entire article to just talk about emoji, know that out of the four key Continue Reading

Join, a worthy Pushbullet alternative

When Pushbullet, an app that bridges the gap among connected devices announced their subscription based model to pay for features that were previously free, a lot of its users were not too happy about it. We knew it wouldn’t be long before an alternative shows up to take its place. Continue Reading

Pushbullet will help you say goodbye to missing notifications

Have you ever missed out on notifications on your phone because you were busy working on your PC? If you have, you will find Pushbullet very useful. Pushbullet makes viewing your notifications and notifications across multiple devices extremely convenient. Pushbullet ensures you never miss a notification no matter what Android Continue Reading

The following apps are draining your battery

Whenever a friend complains about performance or battery life on his or her Android phone, a quick skim through their app drawer and then looking at their “running apps” usually explains it all. The number of apps most Android users I know have installed astounds me so much that I Continue Reading

How to lock your apps with your fingerprint

Most of us use lock screens to secure our devices and keep our data away from the prying eyes of colleagues and friends. This first layer of security is insufficient because once your device is unlocked, anyone at all can have access to your data. A lot of us use Continue Reading

Speed up your downloads with Advanced Download Manager

Are you tired of the slow browser downloading, fragmented downloads, incomplete and non-resumable downloads on your Android device? Are you looking for an IDM-like download manager for Android? Well, the best solution is the Advanced Download Manager. ADM uses multithreading (up to nine parts) and its smart algorithm to increase Continue Reading

Scan and save your photos using Google Photoscan

This post first appeared on Khophi’s Dev and was written by Rexford Nkansah Google PhotoScan is the new Google app in the block to help you bring those old rusty photos of yours to life. If you’re into digitizing all historic photos of yours, of the family, or for a Continue Reading

Infinix Note 2 is the best mid-range phone you can get for GHS500

Google’s target of penetrating the emerging markets with relatively cheaper Android phones led to the birth of the Android One Project. Google has partnered with various equipment manufacturers to provide phones with decent specifications at affordable prices. Today, we review the Infinix Note 2, a device under the Project. Specifications Continue Reading

One Plus 3 is simply equal to greatness

When the OnePlus One (OPO), touted as the “2014 Flagship Killer” was released, I scoffed. I wrote it off as one of those Chinese startups that will soon fade into oblivion. The creators of OPO designed it to compete with high-end flagship devices by offering similar specs at a much Continue Reading

All the exciting announcements at Google I/O 2016

The 3 day developer conference where Google reveals its future plans for technology to the world has wrapped up for 2016. Here are some of the announcements we found interesting from this year’s Google I/O conference: Google Assistant Google Assistant is a smarter, more conversational iteration of Google Now. With Continue Reading