Tesla is synonymous with cars but the end game goes beyond that

There was an interesting conversation on Twitter about Tesla’s fate when the inevitable happens i.e. the giant car makers finally catch up. Does Tesla survive or it will remain the Apple of electric cars? Does it win in the US and lose out in Asia and Europe? Well, in theory, Continue Reading

Best budget smartphones you can buy in Ghana right now

Finding the perfect smartphone without shelling out flagship-level money can be a hassle for the average person. Especially when your needs in terms of a smartphone choice are weightier than the piggy bank or susu box that sits in the corner of your bedroom. Let us have a quick look Continue Reading

Phones that made our childhood

My childhood was marked by memorable stuff I liked to do like catching the bus to school, watching cartoons when I got home and maybe falling asleep in the couch and waking up in my bed. Now, unless you took the second star to the right and straight on till Continue Reading