Airtel to exit Ghana later this year

Reports reaching us seem to confirm that Airtel Ghana and tiGO Ghana may indeed merge this year. After the merger, the resulting firm will be taken over by French telecom giant, Orange. It is worth noting that Airtel has in the past held talks to sell off its operations in Burkina Faso, Continue Reading

Airtel in talks with tiGO for Ghana merger

Airtel is in talks with rival Millicom International Cellular (operators of tiGO) for a possible merger in Ghana, as India’s number 1 telecom operator, embroiled in a brutal tariff war in its home market, tries to find ways to improve operations in Africa where it has yet to make a Continue Reading

Epic showdown: Busy 4G LTE vs Surfline 4G LTE

4G has been around since 2009. Ghana first tasted this goodness in 2014 through Surfline Communications, which happens to be the only telco in Ghana owned 100% by Ghanaians. In this post, we will look at the two most established data only 4G service providers: Surfline and Busy, compare their coverage, Continue Reading

Ghana’s Ministry of Health to provide nationwide electronic patient management system

In the era where information is on our fingertips and every data stored securely in the cloud, it is imperative that our health details are readily available on request for use during emergencies and also fasten the delivery of healthcare. The good news is, Ghana is making positive strides towards Continue Reading

What Nana Addo’s win means for science and technology in Ghana

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is the President-elect of the Republic of Ghana. He defeated President John Dramani of the New Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 7 general elections to become the 5th president of the 4th republic. At the launch of his party’s manifesto captioned Continue Reading

Will e-voting in Ghana be efficient or elusive?

After a myriad of campaign rallies, a dozen heated debates and uncountable gargantuan promises, December 7th is finally here! It is time for Ghana to decide who their next President is going to be. The world followed attentively one of the most controversial and keenly contested US presidential elections yet. Continue Reading

Win big on Ghana’s newest penny auction site,

Maybe you’ve been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge since its announcement but you know say money be problem. If this is your story, rest assured, because MediBig, a penny auction site is coming to your rescue. There, bidders can get up to 95% discount off market prices. Yes, You Continue Reading

The rise and rise of mobile money in Ghana

It is not always the narrative for new things to catch on with people when they are first introduced. In some parts of Africa however, the concept of mobile money has proved the exception rather than the norm, defying all the odds surrounding conservatism and making a huge entrance unto Continue Reading

Your guide to the cheapest data bundles in Ghana

Everyone loves a fast internet connection, but the average data user in Ghana, we know is not happy due to speed and cost. Could that mean that, of the five major network providers in Ghana, there’s none that offers great value for money when it comes to 3G internet data bundles? Continue Reading

All you need to know about MTN Ghana 4G LTE

MTN Ghana is the first and only existing telco to have 4G LTE in Ghana. Most of us know that 4G speeds are faster than 3G but there is a ton of exciting information to know. After reading this post, you will have a fair idea about MTN GH’s 4G Continue Reading

Is banning data calls the way to save Ghana’s telcos?

The ecology of the tech space mimics with apt accuracy that of the wild; for example, lions preying on deers. I guess that’s exactly what happened when telephones and mobile phones drove the telegraph into extinction. The tech evolution continues unabated and guess whose turn it is to suffer: the Continue Reading

IoT Q&A session with Vodafone executives

During the Vodafone Internet of Things session, a panel took time to answer questions that attendees had concerning the IoT deployment. The panelists were Angela Mensah-Poku — Head of Business Solutions, Vodafone Ghana Matt Hatton — Founder and CEO, Machina Research Alex Opoku-Yeboah — Business Development Manager, M2M Terminals & Africa Markets, Continue Reading