The power of Google Drive suite explained

When one mentions Google Drive, first thing and for some the only thing that comes to mind is cloud storage. More than just a cloud storage service, Google Drive allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Though, it may not be Continue Reading

How to download your data from Google products you use

Google is well noted for Search, and due to it prevalence and strength as a search engine, it is listed as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. Google has got over 201 products and services, which may probably be news to you, and that’s okay. Also, the search engine giant Continue Reading

Bet you did not know what these emoji stand for

Emojis have become a big part of our daily text messages and conversations on social media. The use of emojis is not just limited to millennials but all and sundry. Emojis help to mimic real-life emotions when sending electronic messages and tries to create the feeling as though the one you’re texting is Continue Reading

What happens to your Google account when you die?

One of the most awkward touch-and-go discussions is about death so we will make this article very brief. It’s fairly conceivable to plan what happens to your assets after you have checked out of this life. But what happens to your digital footprint and your online accounts? Today, we will look Continue Reading

How to tidy up long website links before sharing

If you have noticed, most of the URLs we share on our favourite social media platforms look extremely long and untidy. If you want to clean up URLs and make them shorter, then URL shortening is here to help. URL shortening Did you know that–wife-admits-shed-like-iPhone.html and lead to Continue Reading

The difference between spam and scam

Spam and Scam both connote something negative. That’s what most of us get right. But unbeknownst to many, there’s a contrast between those two terms. By the time you’re done with this article, you would not take them as one thing. Spam A spam is a message that is randomly Continue Reading

How hackers gain access to personal information

One of my friends recently got her Instagram account wiped clean. She had over 3,000 carefully curated photos and almost 10,000 followers. By the time the hacker was done with her, she had less than 2,000 followers and exactly 0 pictures. She asked me a very simple question about how Continue Reading

How to download good apps from Play Store

Developers use the Play Store to distribute over 1.5 million apps to Android users. Even though Google tries to clamp down on all rogue apps, a few manage to pass through the sieve. Some of these apps mine data or overuse Android resources and end up putting undue stress on Continue Reading

Factors to consider when buying a new device

‘Tis the season to send and receive gifts! And what better gift to give someone than a feature phone or a laptop? As you’re about to make purchasing decisions, let us discuss some factors to consider when buying a device. I get asked a lot for my opinion on which Continue Reading

Christmas is here! Here’s how to stay safe.

When our devices get stolen, most of the time we are more concerned about the information we have on them rather than the economic value of the device (Well, I guess if you used your life savings to purchase an iPhone X 256GB, this doesn’t apply to you). With our Continue Reading

Virtual Reality simplified (with Samsung Gear VR)

So you’ve probably been hearing a lot about VR lately. Well not to worry! I’ve been using the Gear VR for some time now and it’s such a great experience. But before I give you my impressions about this awesome piece of equipment I thought I should give you a background Continue Reading

Maximize your battery life with our curated tips

Gone are the days when phones last an entire week on a single charge. Today’s smartphones’ capabilities have extended beyond the traditional use of the mobile phone. Every year, mobile devices come with more pixels, faster processors, more RAM, thinner design. Unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t caught up to pace with Continue Reading