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WhatsApp is now completely free for all to use … forever!

WhatsApp, one of the most popular chat clients in this sub-region, announced on Monday they had gone completely free. Originally, the app allows users a one year trial and a service charge of US$0.99/year subsequently. This move is as a result of low penetration of debit and credit cards (especially in the developing countries where a chunk of WhatsApp users are located) which inhibited users from purchasing the app after their trial period. Sadly for some of us who purchased the 3-year plan, we don’t get a refund. (sob..sob)

Most users had their service extended upon expiry, and frankly, it did not make sense for the in-app purchase to be bundled in the app.

I got this pop-up few minutes ago, migrating me to the Lifetime service, only for me to be rolled back to the 3-year plan. Maybe WhatsApp is still smoothing out the edges before they are ready to go all out.

We will keep updating this article. Stay tuned.



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