Have you ever wondered how Google attends to its billion customers?

Have you ever wondered how Google attends to its customers in different languages bearing in mind it has over 130 products and services, with seven of them having over a billion active users? Due to the large number of users of free Google apps and products, it is improbable for Continue Reading

How to connect your flash drive to your phone

Usually when you transfer something from your pendrive (please say flash drive/ thumb drive), you’d have to hook both phone and flash drive to your computer before any transfer can occur. A USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable acts as a bridge, allowing you to hook up your flash drive directly to Continue Reading

WhatsApp Encryption explained

Yesterday, a lot of WhatsApp users started receiving bubble notifications about end-to-end encryption. The question that lingers on our minds is “What is WhatsApp encryption?”. We answer all our questions below: What is Encryption? Encryption is the procedure of converting information into complex and long codes in such a way that Continue Reading