Connecting the dots: Awareness API, Google Assistant & Instant Apps

As we learned earlier, “Awareness API” will enable apps to intelligently react to current user situations by making use of sensor-derived data — Time, Location, Activity, Weather, etc — to get a better sense of what the user is doing in order to provide a more customized experience and doing so Continue Reading

Know your lyrics with Genius

We have all had that embarrassing moment when we confidently sang the wrong lyrics of a song. Next time, save yourself the embarrassment with Genius, an app that displays song lyrics in real-time. Genius is a crowdsourced knowledge base for music lyrics and texts. Formerly known as “Rap Genius”, it Continue Reading

The future of apps: Contextual Awareness

The future is upon us… Imagine your phone reminding you to take an umbrella on your way out due to a storm approaching. Or warning you of traffic ahead and suggesting a faster route as you drive to work, or reminding you to stop by the groceries on your way Continue Reading

Internet of Things explained

Communication is very vital in the human society in order to maintain good relationships. We crave constant communication and interaction with the people that matter most to us. We always want to hear from them and know what they are up to at all times. We also want our friends Continue Reading

A little about Bluetooth

Okay so short story. In 940 AD, there lived a man, Harald Blåtand, who was king of Denmark. He was known for uniting Danish tribes into a kingdom, and also converting his country to Christianity. End of short story. We’ll come back to this later. What has this got to Continue Reading

What does ‘Wi-Fi’ stand for?

“Can I get your WiFi password?” “All right, it’s 1234567890.” “Duuude! You really need to change that weak Wi-Fi password!” “Hey, hey, hey! Will you keep quiet?” This is just a mock interaction that comes up when an average person detects an available connection within proximity. But the big question Continue Reading

VPN for starters

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to access the internet via a server. All internet use on your devices is tunneled through an encrypted secure server, which means your Internet Protocol (IP) address is changed in the process. When you visit the internet, the data Continue Reading

How does crowdfunding look like in Ghana?

Last month, Jake Amo, a five year-old boy from Asempanaye became an internet sensation. A funding initiative had been started by Solomon Adufah to raise $20,000 to support his education. That is an example of Crowdfunding. What is Crowdfunding? It is basically raising capital from a large group of people using the Continue Reading

All the changes we’ve seen in WhatsApp in one post

We’ve seen some pleasant changes in WhatsApp this year. Initially, we were dedicating one article to each change but we later realized they’d keep pouring in for some time. Now that the dust seems to be settling, let’s catch up on all the changes that have been implemented in 2016: Continue Reading

A look at Memory Cards

Today, we bring you a brief clarification of the SD card family and what to look out for when purchasing one for your device, be it a camera, camcorder, recorder or a mobile phone. Your device manufacturer will indicate the specific type of memory card you should use for your Continue Reading

Some IoT success stories in the world

As 70% of IoT value resides in the industrial space, let us look at some practical examples of how industries have saved and made money by deploying IoT: Maersk modernizes global cold chain fleet through wireless connectivity International shipping competition requires a unique and global level of container monitoring and Continue Reading

APK Mirror is a great alternative to Google Play Store

We’re gonna be using ‘apk’ a lot in this post. It stands for ‘Android application package’ and it’s the package file format used by the operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps. The best alternative to the Google Play Store App is not another app. It’s a website. Continue Reading