Virtual Spaces For Working From Home

Imagine your virtual space working from home. I have always wondered what it would mean to be connected and the opportunities that open for people around the world. Facebook(now Meta) recently announced a glimpse of their future for the metaverse — which is a concept of connecting a world of virtual communities Continue Reading

Web 3.0 Explained

About 3 billion people spend 80% of their waking hours on the web every single day. The internet keeps getting better and better. How we interact with the web would soon change due to new technologies and something called Web 3.0.  It is quite hard to get people’s views on Continue Reading

A Minute Read On The Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro

Your phone is central to you; this year’s Google Pixel Event #Pixel6Launch has shown why. Coming from a Pixel 3, I have always stayed optimistic about Google’s investment in the Pixel brand. For years now, Android users have been looking for redemption from #MadebyGoogle and I think this evening we Continue Reading

SNAP’s New AR Scan

On my own exploration into Instagram and Facebook Business, my excitement on Snap’s new AR Scan exploded. Snap’s unveil of Scan, an Enhanced AR feature to identify the things we love links to my curiosity about social media for E-commerce. Social Media For E-Commerce With online presence increasing every second, Continue Reading

FIFA 22 is finally giving us what we want

As a football fan, video games have been the centre of appreciation for the beautiful sport. PES and FIFA have given us memories that feel more nostalgic than any live match could. The intersection of the beautiful game and our fantasies get to happen on a screen with a console. Continue Reading

The Tomorrow War: Gold or Mold?

It is not uncommon these days to see streaming services cough up originals and franchises, or buy rights to existing ones in a bid to outgun each other for subscribers. We have seen a lot of high octanes, action-filled movies and shows lately from the likes of Netflix, HBO Max, Continue Reading

Meet “Sidekick”, a companion browser for work in 2021.

Google Chrome Browsers are not prevalent topics on most general internet conversations. On most days, we tend to ignore what our default browser is or should be; even with variations in operating systems and devices. Chrome has become the go-to browser for many users on the internet. Here is some Continue Reading

4 Meditation Apps To Get

What meditation means to me  I am probably wondering why I decided to write this post about meditation apps since I am not an expert in meditation, mindfulness, psychology or yoga  (There is yoga everywhere in Accra nowadays). My intention is to explore how tech interacts with our daily life Continue Reading

5 Chrome Extensions That Could Improve Your Study Life.

Intro… It’s okay to not know what you want during your freshman year. If you are a freshman I am sure you are still searching your way through “IT”.  There’s no glory associated with the brutal sleepless nights and anxiety in getting work done or that assignment finish before the Continue Reading

Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay: Which one should you go for?

I have recently developed interest in automobiles although the reality of their luxury pricing always strikes my ephemeral enthusiasm. I had the esteemed opportunity to learn about the intersection of automobiles / mechanics and technology from my friend Ben. The contagion of modern automation and Artificial Intelligence in everything seems Continue Reading

Is your Voice Assistant “AI” enough

VOICE ASSISTANT THE AI WE KNOW “Artificial Intelligence.” A cultivated word for anything that’s remotely performed by a computer or machine with little input from a human. We have for some time lived with robots in our pockets, our homes and even on our desks, but the underlying technology emanated Continue Reading

Galaxy Buds review!

Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds during the February Samsung Unpacked event. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, Samsung aims to give its phone users, especially those on the latest flagship a near-seamless listening experience similar to what arch-rival Apple gives its users. I finally had my hands on the buds somewhere last Continue Reading