Did you know you can ‘Google’ pictures? Find out how

Google Search has almost obliterated the days when we believe hoaxes for weeks before they are debunked. Arguments seldom end without someone saying to the other “Okay, let’s Google it”. We seem to have the text-based search under control, but how about images? We see various images on Instagram, Facebook and other social media with captivating captions and always wonder how many of them are true. Well, you can actually search for images on Google!

Google can perform an opposite quest for your picture and give back a fitting query item page for you. It’s entirely straightforward: simply visit images.google.com, click on the camera symbol to search for the image and upload! Alternatively, you can enter the URL link to the image.

This feature also works on mobile and tablet devices as well. Just request the desktop version in your browser so you can see the camera icon in the search box.

I hope you find Google’s reverse image search tool useful.


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