All the changes we’ve seen in WhatsApp in one post

Five features WhatsApp desperately needs

We’ve seen some pleasant changes in WhatsApp this year. Initially, we were dedicating one article to each change but we later realized they’d keep pouring in for some time. Now that the dust seems to be settling, let’s catch up on all the changes that have been implemented in 2016:

New emoji

All the new emoji from Unicode 9.0 have been baked into WhatsApp. This includes different emoji for the various races and some new additions like the taco emoji
New Emoji

Exchange PDFs

In addition to exchanging media, contacts and map locations, you can now exchange documents.
Send PDFs

Format Text

If you want to emphasize certain words in your chats, WhatsApp gives the option to use bold, italics or strikethrough.

Solid color wallpaper

Use some preset solid colors as your chat background
Solid Color

Camera UI overhaul

The camera UI now dons a cleaner, material interface
Camera Overhaul

Quick Reply from Notifications

Reply right from the notification pane without opening the app
Quick Reply

Multiple Selection of Chats

Previously, short-pressing a contact display picture zoomed it. Now, it begins a multiple selection sequence with the option to delete, archive or mute contacts
Multi Selection

Reorganized Settings

WhatsApp Settings has been tidied up
Reorg Settings

Media, Documents and Links

With the addition of Documents exchange came a visual tweak of the media page (Access this by opening a chat, going to options and choosing Media). Now the media page shows you three tabs: Media, Documents and Links
Media Edit

Increased group member limit

Bump up from max 100 participants in a group to 256. RIP notifications

Free to use

  1. Perhaps the most shocking change of all: WhatsApp waived subscription fees for its service!

Collapsing Long Messages

For when our sagacious acquaintances send us extremely long messages, it’s difficult to absorb it all at a go. WhatsApp allows you to take it in bits now with “read more”
Long Msg Edit


It is no longer easy for third parties to snoop around your messages. Only the intended recipient can read your message. Details in this post.
Encryption Edit

Bonus: Google Drive Backup

This feature has been there since August 2015. I found cloud backup very useful when I upgraded to the Nexus 6. In the past, I would have had to backup on my laptop and then painfully transfer the backup to my new phone.
Drive Edit
We will keep updating this post. Stay tuned

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