Pixel-exclusive Google Assistant is coming soon to more Android phones

Last year, when Google launched its AI-powered assistant — a conversational virtual assistant — it was limited only to Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL phones. Earlier this year, it made its way to smart watches via Android wear 2.0. Now, Google has just confirmed that its assistant is coming Continue Reading

The power of Google Drive suite explained

When one mentions Google Drive, first thing and for some the only thing that comes to mind is cloud storage. More than just a cloud storage service, Google Drive allows you to edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Though, it may not be Continue Reading

Join, a worthy Pushbullet alternative

When Pushbullet, an app that bridges the gap among connected devices announced their subscription based model to pay for features that were previously free, a lot of its users were not too happy about it. We knew it wouldn’t be long before an alternative shows up to take its place. Continue Reading

Pushbullet will help you say goodbye to missing notifications

Have you ever missed out on notifications on your phone because you were busy working on your PC? If you have, you will find Pushbullet very useful. Pushbullet makes viewing your notifications and notifications across multiple devices extremely convenient. Pushbullet ensures you never miss a notification no matter what Android Continue Reading

Maximize your battery life with our curated tips

Gone are the days when phones last an entire week on a single charge. Today’s smartphones’ capabilities have extended beyond the traditional use of the mobile phone. Every year, mobile devices come with more pixels, faster processors, more RAM, thinner design. Unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t caught up to pace with Continue Reading

Connecting the dots: Awareness API, Google Assistant & Instant Apps

As we learned earlier, “Awareness API” will enable apps to intelligently react to current user situations by making use of sensor-derived data — Time, Location, Activity, Weather, etc — to get a better sense of what the user is doing in order to provide a more customized experience and doing so Continue Reading

Know your lyrics with Genius

We have all had that embarrassing moment when we confidently sang the wrong lyrics of a song. Next time, save yourself the embarrassment with Genius, an app that displays song lyrics in real-time. Genius is a crowdsourced knowledge base for music lyrics and texts. Formerly known as “Rap Genius”, it Continue Reading

The following apps are draining your battery

Whenever a friend complains about performance or battery life on his or her Android phone, a quick skim through their app drawer and then looking at their “running apps” usually explains it all. The number of apps most Android users I know have installed astounds me so much that I Continue Reading

The future of apps: Contextual Awareness

The future is upon us… Imagine your phone reminding you to take an umbrella on your way out due to a storm approaching. Or warning you of traffic ahead and suggesting a faster route as you drive to work, or reminding you to stop by the groceries on your way Continue Reading