Facebook introduces another way of sharing your fabulous life online


Facebook Live launched last year for public figures and celebrities who use the Facebook Mentions app. Shortly after, it was made available to Facebook Pages and now, any and everyone using the iOS and Android apps can go live on Facebook! If you have ever wanted to show the world your hobbies, cooking skills, sick music and dancing sessions, or daily dose of shenanigans, and Snapchat & Instagram Stories are not enough, Facebook presents you with an opportunity to live stream a moment and respond to your friends’ comments and reactions.
Facebook Live is similar to other existing products such as Twitter’s Periscope, Snapchat and Meerkat. The most distinguished feature of Facebook Live is the ability to retrieve the video at any time and its live interactions. Let’s delve into some notable features of Facebook Live:

Live for Groups and Events

Facebook allows you to stream live videos to only groups and events. You can stream a birthday party to only your family group, or a get-together party to your school year group only. Another awesome feature is the ability to host a live Q&A session. This way, your live videos are targeted to only those who are interested. You also have the ability to block specific people from viewing your videos.

Interactive Features

Viewers can express their reactions to your stream in real time. They can select Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry at any point of the broadcast, and they animate on the video for broadcasters to know how people are feeling. Broadcasters can engage in live comments and response from their viewers. Facebook Live has five different filters and ability to draw on your broadcast at your disposal, broadcasters can use this to suit the event and mood. Comments and reactions are replayed and when viewing the broadcast after it has ended to make viewers feel the action.

Discover more live videos: Invite Friends, Live Video Destination and Live Map

Facebook allows you to invite your friends to watch your live videos by simply tapping to invite them. There is also a dedicated place on the mobile app, where you can watch on going live broadcast. From there, you can search between live and broadcasted videos, according to creators and topics that interest you. Lastly, if you want to see which part of the world a live video is being broadcasted, you can use Facebook’s Live Map on desktop to peek into the world.
How to go Live
We know by now you want to live stream your first video. You will need to update your facebook app to the latest version from the Play Store or App Store.
  1. Open the Facebook app > Tap on Post and then tap on Go Live.
  2. Type a description for your broadcast and tap Go Live. You are Live
  3. You will see the number of viewers at the top, and reactions and comments will animate as viewers enter them. You can also switch cameras and hide comments
  4. When you are done, tap Stop and your video will be automatically save as a post, where you can remove or replay anytime.
To enjoy Facebook live better, remember:
  • To build anticipation before going live to enjoy more viewers
  • Check your network connection for speed and reliability, 4G preferably or a strong WiFi hotspot
  • Write a great description to attract viewers and fans to understand what your broadcast is about
  • Broadcast for longer times. Facebook recommends at least 10 minutes, and you can stay live for 90 minutes
  • Engage your viewers, by responding to their questions and asking for feedback
  • Be creative and go live often!
Facebook wants you to broadcast your life to the world. Live is a fine product, and many Facebook users will find themselves viewing or broadcasting themselves. We at AFD will go live soon. Stay tuned!
Images credit: facebook.com ; Behind The Lenscap

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