You shouldn’t tap links on your iOS devices (except this one) until you’ve updated to iOS 9.3.5

Apple has yet again released another update for iOS 9. Apple advises users to immediately update to iOS 9.3.5 after a discovery of various targeted iPhone spywares. This is what Apple said about the update:
Apple’s security release notes say that three bugs have been fixed, two in the iOS kernel and one in WebKit. The bugs were discovered by Citizen Lab and Lookout, which said they were actively exploited to hijack the iPhone of a political dissident. Lookout collectively calls the three zero-day vulnerabilities “Trident,” and says that they could allow a victim’s personal data to be accessed after opening a link sent in a text message. Trident infects a user’s phone “invisibly and silently, such that victims do not know they’ve been compromised.” We’ll have more information about the vulnerability in a forthcoming article.
You can download this update via your Apple device or by connecting to iTunes.
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