Speed up your downloads with Advanced Download Manager

Are you tired of the slow browser downloading, fragmented downloads, incomplete and non-resumable downloads on your Android device? Are you looking for an IDM-like download manager for Android? Well, the best solution is the Advanced Download Manager. ADM uses multithreading (up to nine parts) and its smart algorithm to increase Continue Reading

A little about Bluetooth

Okay so short story. In 940 AD, there lived a man, Harald Blåtand, who was king of Denmark. He was known for uniting Danish tribes into a kingdom, and also converting his country to Christianity. End of short story. We’ll come back to this later. What has this got to Continue Reading

Android 7.1.1 Nougat factory images are finally live!

Google launched Android 7.0 on August 22nd this year after the first Android N developer preview came on March 9th, two full months earlier than expected. Android Nougat delivered split screen mode, fast switching of recent apps, seamless updates, and the rest. Fast forward to October 20th, Google comes with Continue Reading

VPN for starters

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows you to access the internet via a server. All internet use on your devices is tunneled through an encrypted secure server, which means your Internet Protocol (IP) address is changed in the process. When you visit the internet, the data Continue Reading

All you need to know about MTN Ghana 4G LTE

MTN Ghana is the first and only existing telco to have 4G LTE in Ghana. Most of us know that 4G speeds are faster than 3G but there is a ton of exciting information to know. After reading this post, you will have a fair idea about MTN GH’s 4G Continue Reading

A look at Memory Cards

Today, we bring you a brief clarification of the SD card family and what to look out for when purchasing one for your device, be it a camera, camcorder, recorder or a mobile phone. Your device manufacturer will indicate the specific type of memory card you should use for your Continue Reading

WhatsApp video calls is coming

With the wars on video messaging raging on, Google Duo become available worldwide some days ago. Facebook Live also appears to have rolled out to everybody now. It appears video calls on WhatsApp should be rolling out in some few days as this feature started showing in the Android beta Continue Reading

Facebook introduces another way of sharing your fabulous life online

  Facebook Live launched last year for public figures and celebrities who use the Facebook Mentions app. Shortly after, it was made available to Facebook Pages and now, any and everyone using the iOS and Android apps can go live on Facebook! If you have ever wanted to show the Continue Reading

Turn your photos into remarkable artworks with Prisma

Prisma, the smart filter app which went viral on iOS has made its official debut on the Play Store. Now, Android users have the opportunity to see what iOS users were excited about some weeks back. What sets Prisma apart from the numerous filter apps on the market is its Continue Reading

Note the following before factory resetting your Android device

Once a while, it becomes necessary to do a factory reset on your device. A factory reset (or a master reset) is simply returning a device to how it used to be fresh out of the box.  It removes all user data such  as third party apps, call logs, messages, Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered how Google attends to its billion customers?

Have you ever wondered how Google attends to its customers in different languages bearing in mind it has over 130 products and services, with seven of them having over a billion active users? Due to the large number of users of free Google apps and products, it is improbable for Continue Reading

How to block calls on any Android phone without an app

In the recent past, the purpose of a mobile phone was to make and receive phone calls (and maybe send and receive text messages as well). Enter the era of smartphones, where we use our phones for surfing the internet, taking photos, watching videos of cats, gaming — almost everything Continue Reading