Why the new WhatsApp status is a step in the right direction

On WhatsApp’s 8th birthday, a server-side switch updated WhatsApp Statuses from its current text-base to one that allows users to share videos, pictures and GIFs. This update is an undisguised and blatant rip-off of Instagram stories, which is also a shamless clone of Snapchat stories. I’ve seen many people react negatively to Continue Reading

Reapp, your product information portal

If you have ever even gone all the way to a shop only to find out they did not have the product you were looking for, then you will find Reapp, an up and coming product information portal, extremely useful. Once it gains traction, it could be the perfect fusion of brick-and-mortar retail Continue Reading

Airtel denies exiting Ghana and Africa

Indian telecoms giant Bharti Airtel which is currently operating in 15 African countries including Ghana has dismissed media reports that the company planned exiting the continent by the end of the year. According to the Bharti Airtel in a statement they “remain committed to Africa and will continue to invest Continue Reading

G, E, 3G, H, H+, 4G symbols explained!

Today, we’re finally  going to learn what those letters that randomly keep changing in our notification panel stand for. We know they have to do with the network speeds but what exactly do they mean? You’ve got questions, we’ve got some answers. What does ‘G’ stand for? I remember back Continue Reading

Airtel to exit Ghana later this year

Reports reaching us seem to confirm that Airtel Ghana and tiGO Ghana may indeed merge this year. After the merger, the resulting firm will be taken over by French telecom giant, Orange. It is worth noting that Airtel has in the past held talks to sell off its operations in Burkina Faso, Continue Reading

How CNN captured the gigapixel image of Trump’s inauguration

By now, you have seen the jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring 360° picture of Trump’s inauguration that CNN published earlier this week. In the extremely rare case that you have not, here you go. With Gigapixel technology, CNN was able to capture every nook and cranny of the historic moment. But how did they Continue Reading

We now know why Galaxy Note7 units were exploding

When the glorious Note7 was announced, TIME described it as “a modest but welcome improvement over its predecessor, offering a more ergonomic design, an enhanced stylus, the same camera as its Galaxy S7 cousin, and some software tweaks” and awarded it 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, the glory days Continue Reading

This $20,000 smartphone is all sorts of awesome!

As usual, I was catching up on some MKBHD videos I had missed during the week after work. This led me to one of Unbox Therapy‘s old videos about a $20,000 smartphone. I proceeded to watch the video and I was not disappointed. The Solarin smartphone, a product of Sirin Continue Reading

What happens to your Google account when you die?

One of the most awkward touch-and-go discussions is about death so we will make this article very brief. It’s fairly conceivable to plan what happens to your assets after you have checked out of this life. But what happens to your digital footprint and your online accounts? Today, we will look Continue Reading

How to tidy up long website links before sharing

If you have noticed, most of the URLs we share on our favourite social media platforms look extremely long and untidy. If you want to clean up URLs and make them shorter, then URL shortening is here to help. URL shortening Did you know that http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1158905/Microsoft-boss-Bill-Gates-bans-children-using-Apple-products–wife-admits-shed-like-iPhone.html and https://goo.gl/H0w2N lead to Continue Reading

How hackers gain access to personal information

One of my friends recently got her Instagram account wiped clean. She had over 3,000 carefully curated photos and almost 10,000 followers. By the time the hacker was done with her, she had less than 2,000 followers and exactly 0 pictures. She asked me a very simple question about how Continue Reading

How to download good apps from Play Store

Developers use the Play Store to distribute over 1.5 million apps to Android users. Even though Google tries to clamp down on all rogue apps, a few manage to pass through the sieve. Some of these apps mine data or overuse Android resources and end up putting undue stress on Continue Reading