Editor’s Comments: Weekend Poll 1

So yesterday we decided to publish a series of questions on our Twitter page, just to see public perception on various topics. The engagement and feedback was amazing. Almost 500 of you participated and we got some very interesting answers. Thank you, thank you! Every Saturday, we’re gonna do a poll, so if you are not following us on Twitter, do so now!

Question 1

Ugh.  The famous update that has got everyone bashing Snapchat. 1.2 million of you signed a petition for Snapchat to revert it; Kylie Jenner tweeted that she no longer uses Snapchat and boom, $1.5 billion got wiped off SNAP’s market cap. I’m actually writing an open letter to Evan so stay tuned. (“Writing an open letter to Evan”, like I attended high school with him)

The results from yesterday’s polls kinda mirrored this: 68% of you claim you have reduced the time you spend on the app because of this horrendous update. Snapchat replied the petition saying the update is here to stay. We live to see.

Question 2

Disappointed, but not surprised. In the early hours, the Google Pixel 2 XL was in a comfortable lead, with over 60% of votes. Even staunch Apple fanboys like our very own Nii Akwei voted for the Pixel 2 XL.

But hey, it’s a free world. You’re allowed to make your own choices.

Question 3

I don’t know if this surprised me, but I was rooting for Steve Jobs. Everyone keeps crying about how different Apple would have been if Steve was still around so I expected a lot more votes his way. I was surprised Mark got only 16% though. I thought Jeff was gonna occupy the last position.

Question 4

I actually included this question because I have changed my default browser on both my laptop and mobile to Microsoft Edge. No surprise that Google Chrome won with 78%. But wait, the 6% that chose Internet Explorer, I want to ask you one or two questions. Leave a comment below please.

Question 5

I beg you, I have no comments on this. Moving on …

Question 6

First of all, I don’t believe that 43% of you don’t take any photos at all. I used to be in the 6 – 15 category when I was using the Pixel but I’ve dropped to the lower region of 1 -5 now.

Question 7

This question was bound to go against Facebook since majority of Twitter users develop some form of disdain for the popular social media platform. Surprised me that 6% of you could do without WhatsApp though

Question 8

TLD Today got 0 votes. Wow. Should I have said Jonathan Morrison instead?

Question 9

So the 35% using Spotify, are you guys paying $9.99/ month or you are perching someone’s account?

Question 10

“Many people loving Marvel but haven’t opened a comic book in their life” – Anonymous.

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