SELEWA: The Ghanaian Cashless Market Initiative

Technology, like the wind that infiltrates every tiny bit of space, has not ignored the Ghanaian business and commerce sector. Most Ghanaians, (if not all) in the major cities of the country are well aware of the popular mobile money means of receiving and making payments which is growing in leaps and bounds across the country.

As part of Ghana’s strides towards a cash-lite society, the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement System (GhIPSS), (popularly known for ezwich) has spotted and commended organizers of Ghana’s premier pop up market christened “Selewa” for creating an avenue for shoppers to buy using electronic payments.

The fair, which was created and has existed over the past three years, has brought entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporate organizations together to sell and promote their products and services. In line with Ghana’s agenda to transform business and commerce technologically, the fair organizers, Melon concepts, have partnered with GhIPSS and other sponsors to provide shoppers this weekend an avenue to shop using various electronic payment methods such as electronic cards and mobile money in order to enjoy wonderful discounts and surprises.

GhIPSS, in partnership with other financial institutions will be providing free point of sale devices as well as free training to vendors in its use. Officials of GhIPSS will also be at the two-day event to educate patrons on the need to use more of electronic means of payment channels

All you need is your electronic card or mobile phone loaded with money to enjoy awesome discounts at Selewa Market at the Golden Tulip Hotel on the 3rd and 4th of March 2018 Share on X,

So what are your plans this weekend for the 3rd and 4th of March 2018? All you need is your electronic card or mobile phone loaded with money to enjoy awesome discounts at the pre-Independence Day Selewa Cashless Market at the Golden Tulip Hotel, seven minutes’ drive from the capital city’s airport. Join the frenzy, shopping made easy, admission is free.

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