Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 on September 7th. Here’s what to expect

Some say the number 7 signifies perfection. Well, that might be what Apple had in mind when they announced the day for their September event. Here’s what we expect Apple to announce on that day.

Disclaimer: Our expectations are based purely on speculations and rumors and actual proceedings may differ greatly from our post.

The iPhone 7
The phone we’ve all been waiting for! Apple is said to announce the next iPhone — let’s call it the iPhone 7 for now — on September 7th. We are not expecting much to change with the design according to various leaks floating around.

The 4.7 inch variant of the new iPhone may have a larger camera as compared to its predecessor. This larger camera lens basically means the phone would have a larger sensor to take in more light for better photos. The era of selfies isn’t dying out anytime soon and Apple is making sure its users don’t get left out.

The Plus model of the iPhone 7 may have a dual-camera that will take two photos simultaneously and stitch them together into a perfect picture, similar to what we saw in the Huawei P9. Dual-cameras could also allow for changing focus in a photo post-processing.

The iPhone 7 is also rumored to have no headphone jack…yeah, let that sink in. Instead, you will have to use headphones that plug into the iPhone’s lightning charging port or a pair of wireless headphones.

Apple is said to be working on new wireless earbuds which they might unveil during the event. In a classic Apple move, they would most likely sell this accessory separately.

The famous Apple home button is also expected to change as well. The new iPhone may sport a pressure sensitive pad without moving parts. This might be Apple’s subtle way to wean its users off the home button which is expected to go away completely in subsequent devices.

Last but not least, the iPhone 7 might have a new color addition, which could be blue. Lots of previews have come out and we are patiently waiting for what Apple has for us.

Apple Watch

It’s been 2 years since Apple released the Apple Watch and I think it’s time for an upgrade. A new Apple Watch could be unveiled during the event but I doubt it would be any different from the current iteration. This new watch may include new sensors for tracking health like a GPS and barometer.

iOS 10,  watchOS 3, macOS Sierra

During the WWDC in June, Apple’s operating systems like iOS 10, WatchOS 3, macOS Sierra were announced. These have since been in beta. On September 7th, we expect Apple to announce the final release dates for these OSes.
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