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working from home
Imagine your virtual space working from home. I have always wondered what it would mean to be connected and the opportunities that open for people around the world. Facebook(now Meta) recently announced a glimpse of their future for the metaverse — which is a concept of connecting a world of virtual communities where people can play, work and interact.

This piece is focused on the time and experience spent when working not the application software: Slack, Zoom, Google Workspace Apps and work tools. The angle is virtual spaces to stay productive in or relax in.

For instance, before the pandemic, we had offices and the ambience of people around us. The new normal — isolation and remote work — removed physical connections and communal environments and this affected a lot of people. The spike of Clubhouse, Discord and other social networking applications filled the space for the issue. However, it did not last long enough.

working from home
Photo by Collins Lesulie on Unsplash

Danfo Radio

Danfo Radio

One of my amazing virtual experiences by Yinka Bernie is Danfo Radio. It is more of a listening experience however you get to have a carousel of visuals. The name Danfo is from the public transport buses or lorries in cities in Nigeria just like “Trotro” here in Ghana.

Amazing for workflow and ambient listening

Great playlists and vibe. My favourite go-to to have on rotation would be the Vibes and Chills playlist.

View website.

Find Danforadio on twitter

An Alternative is

Lifeat Spaces

Depending on how much internet you use, this virtual experience would be essential for your work or study routines. It comes with various categories of virtual environment, music, sounds and montages that feel so unique.

I used this for about a week and I loved the dedication the creator and the community have for adding features and updates.

Note: The website streams content from Vimeo, Youtube and other sites and this may drain your data. Still enjoyable especially the cafe and campus ambience.

If you love to say in a virtual space during deep work, this is a great platform for you.

Drive and Listen

Drive & Listen (

Just like Lifeat Spaces, this virtual space allows you to free your isolation and work from home cravings.

For about 6 months straight this year, I have worked from home and Chale it has been hard. When I am missing outside, this virtual space allows me to take a drive to places around the world.

Although virtual, there is this sense of solitude in experiencing such beautiful sceneries and enjoying great street noises.

Note: this may drain your data

View website.

A Little Timeline

Chatrooms: I remember ICQ my first contact of community-on-the internet even before social media. After that exposure followed AOL’s AIM, Yahoo Messenger and then Nimbuzz. As a young individual at the neighbourhood internet cafe, I was not an avid user of those chatrooms nor was my experience impressive. It served more as a virtual space for escaping into — representing the genesis of communities.

Video: I experienced Youtube really late. I knew it existed but I couldn’t afford the data to connect to the platform. Video was an interesting medium to connect with people. I caught up with Youtube in University first year and it was one of the best experiences I felt joining in on experiences worldwide. Working, learning or just relaxing with content, the video format content world was always a great virtual space for people looking to connect.

Communities formed around lo-fi music and gaming created exceptional experiences for me. Currently, through Twitch and Facebook Gaming that experience can be emulated.

Podcasting: Now, 82.4 per cent of podcast listeners spend more than seven hours a week listening to podcasts. I enjoy podcasts as a virtual space to listen to a story or a discussion on a subject while feeling close. Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing forms of content creation.

My hope for the metaverse is that it creates connection rather than division in web 3.0.

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