You will soon be able to send and receive documents on WhatsApp

Five features WhatsApp desperately needs

You could create the App of the Year today and the next moment no one knew your app existed. This phenomenon has inspired creativity in many app developers and features that we didn’t know we needed have been baked into apps. Apps like Link Bubble have been completely rewritten and reimagined order to keep up with recent trends. App developers also source for ideas from their users and occasionally include the most asked features and requests.

One of such apps is WhatsApp which started as a text-substituting app with the option to share pictures, videos, location and contacts. To keep up with similar apps like Viber and Telegram, one can argue that the ability to make data calls, among other changes like an increase in the number of group participants from 25 to 100 have been effected. The fact that WhatsApp users cannot exchange documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDFs) over the app has been a great selling point for apps like Telegram and Viber who are very worthy opponents.  

Now it seems WhatsApp is ready to stir up the game a bit. I was casually scrolling through my files and I found “WhatsApp Documents” in the WhatsApp Directory. I remember before calls became a feature on WhatsApp, I saw “WhatsApp Calls” folder in that directory as well.

I am very positive this change will be implemented in the coming weeks (or months).

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