How to legally install paid apps for free from Play Store

Promotional codes or promo codes, also known as coupon codes, are series of numbers and letters that allow you discounts when making purchases. A retailer might tell frequent customers to enter the promo code “AFD10TEC” to receive a 10% discount on a whole order. Google has long been using Promo Continue Reading

Stay on top of your series with SeriesGuide

With the TV season getting exciting with more intense suspense and popping up of new series, if you’re anything like me, you’ve not missed one episode of your favorite shows so far. With Flash racing between two Earths, Josh and his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Peggy Carter kicking ass and Jake Epping Continue Reading

Find what’s making your Android phone slow with Safe Mode

At the point where smartphones started prevailing, all they did was being a standard calling and messaging device and as a Personal Digital Assistant. They have now evolved with multi-cores, QuadHD displays and huge RAMs, making them working as tiny PCs with lots of apps developed for them everyday, making Continue Reading

Google’s Nexus line of devices is all you need

Even though original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and the rest manufacture devices that run on Android, the look and feel differs from one OEM to the other. Device makers take Stock Android (or  “barebones Android”, which is the look and feel of Android according to Google) Continue Reading

These tweaks will bring Android closer to perfection

Even though I’m a stickler for Google’s barebones Stock Android ROM, I still feel a few improvements and additions will add to the user experience. Google’s campaign to make custom ROMs redundant seems to be catching up because barebones Android is beginning to offer some of the nifty features one Continue Reading

Our predictions for the 2016 Nexus phone

Every year, Google enters a partnership with an OEM to make the hardware that will showcase Google’s Android in its purest form. The device maker will make the hardware while Google takes care of the software. This is referred to as the Nexus program. For more information, check out Kwamina’s Continue Reading

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge device review

I finally got my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and not to sound like a five year old in a toy shop but it’s an amazing phone. The variant I’m reviewing is the international Exynos 8890 Octa-core version with 32GB internal storage and a whooping 4GB of RAM. Continue Reading