How to legally install paid apps for free from Play Store

Promotional codes or promo codes, also known as coupon codes, are series of numbers and letters that allow you discounts when making purchases. A retailer might tell frequent customers to enter the promo code “AFD10TEC” to receive a 10% discount on a whole order.

Google has long been using Promo codes to discount some apps and media on the Play Store, however the option for app developers to generate their own codes was added early this year. Google documents how developers can create promotions, the requirements and how users can redeem them.

Jack Underwood has brought a very sweet application for the ability to get free promo codes for high quality apps, giving the chance to some lucky people to enjoy premium apps for free. Some of the apps under this umbrella are Relay for reddit, Nova Launcher, Release Date Reminder, Natural Scientific Calculator, Today Calendar Pro, Impressions, Focus, Franco Kernel Updater, Twee, Progression, Shuttle, Icon Packs, Talon and many others with developers joining everyday. This gives every Android user a chance to win a free paid app every 12 hours. There’s a free version and an invite only, of course your chances of winning are higher in the invite version, and anyone with the invite version can invite three others. If you tap “I’m Feeling Lucky” and you win, you will receive a special promo code that will be copied to your clipboard so you can redeem from the Playstore, If you lose, you will be redirected to the app’s page on Google Play. Jack posts Promo codes every now and then on Twitter

Do note that there’s a small chance you’ll be able to get it for free! The developers says the chances of winning are low, but fair and the app has been designed to be used over a long period of time, where you will in the end win, however it’s statistically unlikely that you’ll win in the initial couple of days. In case you’re hoping to win regularly, you’re squandering your time downloading Promo Codes.

Here are some invitation codes for our readers. Try your luck and let us know in the comments section if you got to use one of the codes!










Promo Codes V2 | Play Store Download link


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