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With the TV season getting exciting with more intense suspense and popping up of new series, if you’re anything like me, you’ve not missed one episode of your favorite shows so far. With Flash racing between two Earths, Josh and his Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Peggy Carter kicking ass and Jake Epping going back to 11.22.63 to stop the assassination of JFK it can be an arduous task trying to keep up.

I can vouch for how well SeriesGuide works for me and will work for any serious TV enthusiast. This application is an extremely convenient substitution to your TV guide letting you keep focused on new episodes and movies with thorough details and photographs. Let look at some features that makes SeriesGuide stand out.


This tab lists all the series added to your SeriesGuide. It has a Now, Upcoming and Recent. Swiping alternates them. Now shows series released today, Upcoming helps you to never miss an episode and Recent helps you track episodes from previous days. There’s a Mark All option for seasons, to set them as seen/not seen. This handy option enables new users to mark watched season at once.


You can create a list and add shows, seasons or episodes for you to immediately start collecting new shows or movies. Lists is  very useful if you want to have groups of shows with similar attributes, such as time period, director or genre.


The Movies tab provides you with a watchlist and collection Pages similar to that of Shows. You can search for new movies directly from the first Search tab and then swipe to Watchlist or Collection. This is a very provides a very helpful feature for tracking movies you want to see or have seen. From here you can view ratings, synopsis and open YouTube trailers.


There is a Statistics tab which shows your level of addiction to motion pictures You will be able to see series with next episodes and those continuing, total number of episodes you have watched plus the total runtime in days you’ve spent watching series and movies

X features

Like most well endowed apps, SeriesGuide provide extra features through a small payment. These features include notifications, widget options, themes, show shortcuts and cloud sync, however they all available for a 30-day trial, ¢8.56 per year or ¢21.56 for a one-time “X Pass” purchase.

More, So Much More

Aside it clean UI and simple UX, which won it a spot on Google’s top apps for 2012! It was also among a list Google released for apps best integrated with material design. Here are some extra  features that makes it great:

  • A beautiful and functional tablet interface that makes use of the entire screen to present shows, movies and their details.
  • 3 themes; SeriesGuide, Android Dar and SeriesGuide Light. This is perfect for different devices and screens
  • Offline support
  • Quick links to the IMDB and TVDb page of every show and episode
  • Personal lists to manage single episodes or even seasons.
  • DashClock extension.
  • Widgets which displays Upcoming or Recently aired episodes.


SeriesGuide is the ultimate companion for TV series lovers. It is one of the first few apps I install on my device, I am able to keep an eye on new episodes as soon as they air. It is beautiful in looks, functional and materialized. It has got a 4.2 rating on the Playstore. The semi-transparent and highly responsive designed widget included in the free version is a plus. SeriesGuide can offer you some assistance with organizing your media.

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