Turn your photos into remarkable artworks with Prisma

Prisma, the smart filter app which went viral on iOS has made its official debut on the Play Store. Now, Android users have the opportunity to see what iOS users were excited about some weeks back.

What sets Prisma apart from the numerous filter apps on the market is its use of cloud based machine intelligence algorithms. Prisma recreates the picture using clever outline decisions from scratch.

It comes with a simple, straightforward interface with a powerful engine, with most of it filters of distinctive visual art styles.
Prisma 1

Photos can be directly uploaded or taken with the the inbuilt camera and allows you to directly upload your crafted piece of art directly to Facebook and other social media apps. You can also tap to save images on your phone.

This app does not come with any sign up like others. There are also no ads tainting its simple interface. Even more, it gives you the option to disable the Prisma watermark which appears neatly tucked at the lower right corner. Best of it all, it’s free with a 4.4/5.0 rating on the Play Store.

Prisma 2

This app has you covered if you want to become the next Picasso or Da Vinci or if you want to compete with Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam.

I am not a fan of filters, but I love this app. Why don’t you create some images and let us see it below in the comments section.

Prisma | Download (Play Store link)

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