Reapp, your product information portal

Reapp Information Portal

If you have ever even gone all the way to a shop only to find out they did not have the product you were looking for, then you will find Reapp, an up and coming product information portal, extremely useful. Once it gains traction, it could be the perfect fusion of brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce in Ghana.

Perhaps you want to find that particular phone case or you want to know how much that beauty product you saw in your friend’s room costs. Once you visit, you have two ways of finding out which stores have the product you’re looking for: first is to search for the product using the search box or visit the appropriate category where you’re most likely to find that particular product.

Once you locate the product, other important information such as the price, product description, the name of the shop selling the product, the contact numbers of the shop, the shop’s e-mail address, location and a map to aid you locate the shop, just in case you decide to visit the shop in person.

Currently, only businesses can sign up to display their product catalogs. This move, according to the creators of the platform, is to reduce the incidence of fraud. Registration for shop owners is free and simple: just click the seller registration tab and fill in the necessary details. Once your registration is approved (the process usually takes a few minutes to complete, but may take up to 24 hours if further checks need to be completed), you will receive an auto-generated e-mail containing your account details. You can then login and upload as many products as you like. What’s more, you get to increase the footfall to your business since your location and contact details are clearly displayed. Also, you get to know what is hot and what is not as you are able to see how many people view each of the products you upload.

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