The WhatsApp feature iOS users have been waiting for

Five features WhatsApp desperately needs

WhatsApp has rolled out a new update for iPhone users which allows you to queue messages if you don’t have internet connection.

Previous versions of whatsApp for iOS would let you send messages only if you have internet access, if not, you would have to wait, sometimes staring at the annoying “connecting” symbol on top of your screen. Starting from version 2.17.1, this is no longer the case.

This ‘feature’ has been available on Android for a while though, and it comes in handy where constant internet connection cannot be guaranteed, just so you don’t forget your message before internet connection is re-established.

The update also adds storage management and file sharing improvements. WhatsApp has increased the photo and video sharing limit from 10 files at a time to 30 files. Users can also now manage storage effectively; you will be shown how much space each of your conversations has taken up and from there, you can choose to to get rid of specific file type like videos, gif, contacts, locations with the storage filters.


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