Google Chrome Tip: How to preserve your chrome tabs after a restart

Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s Tabs Group feature is a nice added feature for multi-tasking on most days. However, on Windows, there’s a huge issue when it comes to RAM management and this may cause freezing and collapse of tabs on a workload. I recently found a quick Google Chrome tip that could save your work in situations where you may lose your precious tabs or sessions.

This should help preserve your tab groups across sessions even after a computer restart with fluid sync on your browser profile just like on my Sidekick browser.

Credit to Dena Dellere on Twitter and Chrome Unboxed for these amazing Google Workspace tips and tricks.


It is pretty easy so let’s start:

  • Click the three dots on the top right of your Google Chrome Browser.
  • Go to Settings
  • On the left, select On Startup
  • Change the radio box from “open the new tab page” to “continue where you left off”

Simple right! Well, one could potentially lose a ton of progress when things go south.

Remember to do this for each profile if you use multiple profiles(work or personal) or each account that uses Chrome Sync.

So that’s all folks enjoy your Chrome browser or get a sidekick one; your choice.

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