Meet Vodafone One, Ghana’s first converged product

The telecommunications industry continues to play a pivotal role in driving innovation and digital inclusion in our society. As digitization continues to transcend all aspects of our lives, telecom companies are highly depended upon to propel the world into a new information age.

One company that continues to score points for leading the front in igniting Ghana’s technological revolution is Vodafone Ghana. The telco giant recently rolled out Ghana’s first converged telecommunications product, Vodafone One.

Let us put the product under the AFD lens and examine what it has to offer:

The concept of convergence

Vodafone Ghana as a telecom company offers fixed and mobile solutions for both consumer and enterprise clients, Value Added Services, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile money solutions. These offerings usually run independent of each other — to illustrate, let us consider Kwame Ansah, a customer who has broadband internet at home [fixed product] and Vodafone X [mobile product]. Now if Kwame wants both his fixed and mobile solutions working, he has to make two different payments into two different accounts.

The concept of convergence brings multiple products under one umbrella to form one product. This newly created product comes with the benefits of each of the individual components. Following from the example above, there could be a converged product that allows Kwame to make one payment into one account and automatically get allocations to both his mobile and fixed buckets.

The Vodafone One offer

Vodafone One is designed to bring together the commonest customer communication needs — fixed data [broadband and fiber], fixed voice [landline or mobile desk phones], mobile data and mobile voice — into a single bucket. With Vodafone One, Kwame will now have to make a single payment at the end of the month in order to stay connected whether he’s at home or on the go.

To state simply, Mobile Data + Mobile Voice + Fixed Data + Fixed Voice = Vodafone One.

Three options to choose from

Vodafone One has three bundles that you can choose from: One Lite (¢100/month), One Basic (¢150/month) and One Plus (¢300/month). You can always downgrade or upgrade the service at the end of the month — you just have to give prior notice so your current plan is not automatically renewed.

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Migrating to Vodafone One

If you already have multiple Vodafone products, you can easily migrate them all to Vodafone One. Simply visit the Fixed Broadband page and request for a plan change by filling the Plan Change Application Form. Alternatively, you can visit any Vodafone retail store and request for your products to be converged.

The sign up process

To sign up, visit the Vodafone One landing page, choose your preferred bundle and proceed to fill the residential application form. You will be required to provide your biodata, postal data, installation address and some other details.

Making payments

You can use any of the existing payment methods to continue staying connected on Vodafone One:

  • Dial *900# and follow the prompts
  • Vodafone Cash
  • Retail store

Security deposit

Vodafone One is a post-paid service: it is hinged on a fixed billing cycle per month with an auto-renewal function to provide an always-connected experience.

Customers have to make a security deposit that will be used to defray the cost of service in case there’s a default in payment. If you decide to cancel the service, your security deposit will be refunded.

Credit limit

Since Vodafone One is a post-paid service, customers are given allowances to enable them continue to use the service when they exhaust their monthly allocations before the end of the month. This is in line with the “Always Connected” value proposition.


Vodafone One was conceived to provide exceptional value to customers with an all-in-one bundle. With a single payment and on a single bundle, customers can stay connected across multiple devices and locations.

If you have further questions, please do well to ask them in the comments section below.

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